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Embedded Design

How We Help

We offer a range of embedded software and hardware services to turn your design into a fully functional system. These services include development of device drivers, multilayer PCBs, operating system internals, real-time control systems, system firmware, etc. for industrial, commercial, military, and consumer applications.

Who We Help

We work with customers from an initial design concept right through to production. Depending on your needs, we can deliver pre-integrated hardware and software platforms complete with device drivers, or a turn-key system with application software.

We can also debug and enhance existing products at any point in the project lifecycle.
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Our embedded system development expertise and proven process allow us to deliver solutions with exceptional quality, reliability and speed.

Embedded Expertise
  • Linux, Yocto/OpenEmbedded

  • Real-time embedded systems

  • “Bare Metal” microcontroller firmware

  • Board Support Packages (BSP)

  • Custom PCB Design

  • Kernel & Driver Support

  • Mutli-core and multitasking optimizations

  • Hardware and software communication protocols

  • Programmable Logic (FPGA, CPLD)

Featured Projects

Boxing Tracking

Technology developed at Blue Sky Scientific, in partnership with Welltec, is currently being featured in professional sports broadcasts to track an athlete's movements remotely with an extraordinary level of accuracy and minimal latency.

Blue Sky Scientific was able to take the design from concept to live TV in less than six months by incorporating a wide breadth of specialties in miniaturization, wireless communication, data processing and system integration.

Distillery Automation

Blue Sky Scientific technology is at the heart of the Spirit Labs distillery automation system. Incorporating BTLE in a distributed sensing network has allowed Spirit Labs customers the ability to remotely monitor and interact with their distilleries in real time.


Customers have identified a number of cost savings generated via reduced personnel required for monitoring and a more consistent, better tasting product.

Motion Tracking

With an array of technologies suitable for any type of environment, Blue Sky Scientific has positioned itself at the forefront of motion capture development.

Depending on the need, visible, invisible, long distance, high update rate, passive, and active motion capture technologies can be provided to address a client's requirements.

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