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Mobile Development

Featured Mobile Projects

Distillery Automation

Blue Sky Scientific technology is at the heart of the Spirit Labs distillery automation system. Incorporating BTLE in a distributed sensing network has allowed Spirit Labs customers the ability to remotely monitor and interact with their distilleries in real time.

Customers have identified a number of cost savings generated via reduced personnel required for monitoring and a more consistent, better tasting product.

Custom Android Platform Development

A custom smartphone platform developed by a major defense contractor.

Blue Sky Scientific provided Linux and Android expertise and resources to port Android to this new high-capability smartphone platform, resolving issues with the android debug bridge (ADB), ALSA, voice stack, SIM card registration, radio interface layer (RIL) and file system organization, allowing the device to be ready for market.

Firearms Training

State-of-the-art firearm training system utilizing cutting edge optics and patented sensor design to create the most accurate dry fire shooting simulation currently available.

Ultra high-rate tracking of the users' weapon movements and pin-point long and short-range accuracy provides users completely new methods to capture and quantify complete shooting form to improve their accuracy and time on target.

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