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Internet of Things

How We Help

Blue Sky Scientific delivers a broad range of IoT consulting and implementation services from cloud integration and mobile application development down to firmware programming and board development. We have the knowledge and expertise to select and integrate the right wireless communications technology for your project (e.g. BLE, WiFi, LTE, ZigBee) to deliver a scalable, secure, and reliable Internet of Things solution.

At their core, Internet of Things solutions involve the integration of sensing devices to obtain actionable insights, improve productivity, and gain insightful knowledge about a system or environment. We've got experience with an incredibly long list of sensors and can leverage cutting edge machine learning and sensor fusion techniques to enabling you to extract the best data possible.

Who We Help

Trouble getting your wireless device certified? Issues with wireless connectivity or security? Battery draining too fast? These are just a few of the problems we've helped our clients solve. Below you'll find a taste of our expertise, contact us for a more comprehensive and detailed list.

Have an idea for a completely new IoT or Industrial IoT device? We partner with you to provide roadmapping support and iterative rapid prototyping to put your product through true lean development cycles. With a keen eye towards manufacturability and cost optimization, we make sure nothing gets in the way of your product being a winner.

IoT Expertise
  • Embedded systems development

  • Ultra-low power design

  • IEEE 802.11 (WiFi)

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • Ad-Hoc wireless mesh

  • Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN)

  • ZigBee

  • Cross platform mobile app development

  • Cloud services integration

  • Smart Home & Personal Assistant integration

  • Industrial Tracking and Automation

Featured Projects

Distillery Automation

Blue Sky Scientific technology is at the heart of the Spirit Labs distillery automation system. Incorporating BTLE in a distributed sensing network has allowed Spirit Labs customers the ability to remotely monitor and interact with their distilleries in real time.


Customers have identified a number of cost savings generated via reduced personnel required for monitoring and a more consistent, better tasting product.

Wide Area Surveillance System

The novel design of the Kestrel sensor allows operators to continuously monitor up to 100 square kilometers of terrain using a single aerostat-mounted payload.

Blue Sky Scientific embedded software and system integration expertise enabled the rapid design, production and fielding of the highest-performance sensor of its kind. Our payload software provides distributed system management, real-time control, networked control infrastructure, and detailed performance analytics.

Motion Tracking

With an array of technologies suitable for any type of environment, Blue Sky Scientific has positioned itself at the forefront of motion capture development.

Depending on the need, visible, invisible, long distance, high update rate, passive, and active motion capture technologies can be provided to address a client's requirements.

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